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I pledge 5 cents from every sale on this website to KALAWEIT.ORG.

Chanee Kalaweit is an inspirational young man who works tirelessly to protect the Forests of Borneo and all within them ravaged by the insatiable demand for Palm Oil by the rest of the world, that is us.

His life long passion has driven him on a path that I am so grateful for, for myself, my children and grandchildren. It is impossible for us to avoid Palm Oil products no matter how hard we try unless you live in Norway where Palm Oil products are banned. The only hope is to buy forest and have security to maintain and protect the borders. His website is full of videos of his work, fascinating for adults and children alike.

There is often a feeling of helplessness around these seemingly insurmountable issues, but this one man and has made such a difference and I truly believe we all can, no matter how small by supporting those in the field. For example, you can become a friend of Kalaweit .org or adopt a gibbon for as little as $7 per month. I call it my Palm Oil Tax!


If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you may return it in the original condition, for a full refund excluding postage costs. Please contact me first to make arrangements. It must be returned within one week of receipt.If the order is from outside Australia, date of delivery will be required.


Silver will tarnish naturally over time. One way to slow this process is to store it sealed in an airtight plastic bag, away from direct light, when not being worn.

The silver on the ceramic pieces will soften and smooth with handling, this is a natural ageing process and as with other beads, their patina adds to their character.

The threads used for stringing some of the bracelets and necklaces will give´┐Ż over time. Take care not to stretch or pull unnecessarily.